We’re going back to our roots (new site)

Orinjido’s site has had many iterations over the years, but it’s getting a little rough to maintain all of it in it’s glory, so we’re going back to the simple days: WordPress with sexy girls on the banners!

Even editing this theme to be remotely OK looking was too much work hehe >.<

We’ll post new releases/news here first from now on. Hope to see everybody there!

11 Replies to “We’re going back to our roots (new site)”

    1. I don’t think that will be one of the series we continue doing unfortunately. As it was, we only really had one person from our group working on that series (most of the work was left to the joint partners) and he left a while ago to focus on real life stuff. Sorry 🙁

  1. Awesome to see you guys back! Hope you’ll pick up SS Sisters again. It ended a long time ago and I managed to find Chinese raws for volume 5.

  2. Hooray! Please keep working on marusei! Keep up the good work, I’ll be there for you. Strive for the best and beat the rest! XD

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