Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 15


We have a problem: We’re releasing too quickly. It’s causing us to run out of ideas on what to say in our release posts. I mean, it’s not like we lead exciting lives or anything like that. The most exciting thing I’ve done recently is playing BattleBlock Theater with Daktyl. Seriously, that’s it.

Again, we’re looking for more and more ideas on what Light Novel series you want translated. We’re currently compiling a shortlist, so let us know in the comments below. Oh, and if you ever find out what happened to the languini, be sure to let Kitashiro-san know!

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6 Replies to “Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 15”

    1. I looked it up, and apparently, it was taken down from Baka-Tsuki at Shueisha’s behest. We don’t exactly want them coming after our asses as well, so we’ll have to decline that series, unfortunately.

  1. Since you guys seem to be okay with some ero like SS Sisters, how about the light novel 失敗禁止! 彼女のヒミツはもらさない! ? Which supposedly translates as “Mistakes are prohibited! You can’t let the girls’ secret leak!”. Found volumes 1 and 2 online already, but I can’t read them cause of my elementary level Japanese.

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