Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri Omake: Ta Mathemata


This is the last chapter ever of Teiri! It’s been a longer ride than I’d have hoped… but props to everybody that suffered through the wait 😀
Special props to people like krachek and Dordz (the TLer and QCer of Teiri respectively… Dordz being the original founder of Orinjido :D) for their amazing work!

Stay tuned for further releases. There may or may not be a couple Super Sadistic Sisters chapters coming… 😉

Note from the translator:
We have become aware of another chapter we have yet to translate. Unfortunately, it was a web-only release, and the company no longer hosts it on their site. In other words, we can no longer obtain the raws for it by ourselves.
However, if there’s someone out there who possesses the Japanese version of it, link/send it to us. The absolute last resort is translating it from the Chinese edition (which I can do), but I’d like to avoid doing that at all costs.

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12 Replies to “Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri Omake: Ta Mathemata”

  1. At long last, congratulation of another series closed. I feel this series could be longer by chapter or so as the characters could be flesh out a little more.
    Again, thank you and congratulation, Orinjido!

    1. We did not know that existed, actually! We bought the tank off of Amazon and it seems like this omake (Ta Mathemata) is not in the raws you linked. Maybe two different special chapters: one for the magazine and one for the tank? I’ll Talk to my translator about it since we want everything done 🙂

    1. We only have a Chinese version of the omake, unfortunately. I could translate it, but translating a translation is something I’d rather avoid – especially with the differences in tone and nuances involved.

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