Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri Chapter 8


I told you we’d release SOMETHING this year! This series just gets better and better…
I can’t say too much other than “Just wait until the next few chapters”.

A little information: We got raws for the entire volume. There’s only one volume of the series and only a couple chapters left in the volume, though the chapters are pretty short ones after this. We’ll try to finish the volume within the next couple years ^.^

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We’re going back to our roots (new site)

Orinjido’s site has had many iterations over the years, but it’s getting a little rough to maintain all of it in it’s glory, so we’re going back to the simple days: WordPress with sexy girls on the banners!

Even editing this theme to be remotely OK looking was too much work hehe >.<

We’ll post new releases/news here first from now on. Hope to see everybody there!