Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 24

Yeah, I’m going to be out of commission until I finish my semester. This means we won’t be working on the final volume for a couple months minimum. But hey, I’m sure waiting a few more months isn’t something you’re not used to.
– Krachek

Trust me, I want the next volume too…
– Daktyl

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 23

How is everybody during the pandemic? Like many of you, we have been confined to our homes. So, in order to alleviate some of the stress you may have, we have another chapter of SS Sisters! Please be sure to wash your hands after reading, and I don’t just mean because of the virus.

Stay safe! We’ll have the next chapter (and final chapter of volume 4!) out soon.

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 22

The chapter… uh… finds a way

Life sucks right now, for everybody. Hardships abound… but I hope this release brings a small bit of light to some people.
– Daktyl

Side-note, starting with this chapter and going forward it really becomes apparent that whoever at the JP publisher cleaned the ebook raws we’re using sucks at their job and deserves to be fired.

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 21

Life tried desperately to get in the way of this release, but NAY we say to life. We are weebs, and life has no hold on us!

Also, Kitashiro best girl and y’all know it. You’re welcome for the chapter.

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 20

WADAFAK!! Another release!? Within the same month!? Must be a new record!

I honestly don’t even know what to say at this point. I, however, did find this GIF (pronounced “jiff”) that reflected what I believe are the feelings of our readers.
– Krachek

What readers?
– Daktyl


Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 19

New year, new chapter! The last few years have not exactly treated us well, so we pushed everything back, including scanlation. We are attempting to release on a regular schedule, but don’t get your hopes up.

Anyway, this is Super Sadistic Sisters chapter 19. We will NOT be uploading the chapter or any future chapters to Mangadex, but that’s not to say you can’t. We just can’t be fucked.

P.S. a second version was released with a better typeset and no webp files. It should look better and play nicer with native image viewers.
– Daktyl

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[LN] My Maid is an Amorphous Blob Chapter 1

Hey guys, happy new year! It’s been a hell of a long time since we’ve actually released something, so we’ve decided to send 2016 off with something special: the first chapter of My Maid is an Amorphous Blob!

This is a light novel series that we’ve decided to work on because it seemed simple and funny enough. The series also goes by other names, notably, My Maid is a Formless Entity. You can even read the first chapter on Baka-Tsuki here. While there will naturally be a few similar elements between both translations, ours is a complete re-translation. There will be no ETA of chapter 2 as of yet considering how long it took for this one.

Want to know how long it took to actually get it done? Ten months. Want to know why? Lack of experience.

Daktyl and I spent a very long time trying to determine how to format this. This included the overall presentation, paragraphing, and style of English. We researched the many variations of style, punctuation and grammar that appear in passages of text, and we came to this conclusion: there is no single, fixed style. Essentially, this meant that we were debating on the usage of a punctuation mark here or a word there. The result is something of a mix between American and UK English – the spelling is that of American English, but the use of single quotation marks to indicate explicit dialogue comes from UK English. Therefore, I’m sure you’ll come across something that could be better rephrased using your own country’s variation of English.

This leads back to our lack of experience. When we started this, we took the Japanese quite literally, which included the pacing and the way it was formatted. You’ll notice this as you read on—paragraphs seem somewhat segmented, and there is a distinct lack of simultaneous action and dialogue within a single sentence. We may try to modify it to give readers a smoother reading experience, but that goes far beyond the face value of the text; it wasn’t something we were prepared to do yet.

As this series is loosely based on Lovecraft lore, there will undoubtedly be a few references to it. The big thing to note is that the female protagonist Tekeli, a Shoggoth, claims that she was created by the Great Old Ones. For those who are familiar with Lovecraft lore, this is an obvious mistake. However, the author specifically uses that term, even in the following chapters, so it definitely cannot be unintentional. If you want to blame someone for not following the lore, blame the author.

Lastly, there are a lot of references to IRL things in the chapter. We’ve compiled a notes section at the end of the chapter to help shed light on some of the things mentioned, mainly the culture-based ones.

Anyway, this is the end of my five hundred word essay. If you spot any mistakes or have any constructive criticism for us, please leave us a comment or contact us via email ( Again, this is our first light novel project, so although it may not be stellar, we hope you enjoy it.

See you next year! (By the way, Super Sadistic Sisters is very slowly coming along.)


Super Sadistic Sisters chapter 18


Welp, it’s about time for the usual excuse of why it’s been delayed: people are working, people are studying for their postgraduate degrees, people are playing video games because they had an existential crisis. You know, the usual.

Anyway, this chapter marks the end of volume three. There are two more volumes to go, and trust me, the stuff depicted so far doesn’t hold a candle to the later volumes. Chika becomes really cute, too!

“I eat once a day and only get 5-6 hours of sleep. Also IRL Work sucks (mandatory overtime every other weekend). Can you blame me for being late? … don’t answer that.” – Daktyl

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 17


Uh, well, not much to say. Real life got in the way, causing the release of this chapter to be delayed considerably. Apart from drudging through our mundane lives, nothing much has happened. I guess this is what happens when you grow up – you become boring! Boring, I say! Routine! Predictable! Poor! Yeah, that’s right, you heard me! Not due to my lack of motivation or constant procrastination, no siree!

Anything you want to say, Daktyl?

“Life’s a bitch.” – Daktyl

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 16


Welp, I actually managed to do something exciting this past week. Apparently, virtual reality has developed to a point where you can enact a zombie apocalypse within the space of a warehouse. Suffice to say, I participated and failed miserably. When your team is an elite group of soldiers sent to retrieve an antidote, your primary goal is securing the objective and getting out safely, not fucking Ramboing everything in sight because you feel that your testosterone levels need to be higher than the guy next to you!

Anyway, it was fun. There are probably other places which have it, so check them out! Also, if one of your teammates is acting like a dick, kick his balls — that’ll get the testosterone pumping.

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