Super Sadistic Sisters chapter 18


Welp, it’s about time for the usual excuse of why it’s been delayed: people are working, people are studying for their postgraduate degrees, people are playing video games because they had an existential crisis. You know, the usual.

Anyway, this chapter marks the end of volume three. There are two more volumes to go, and trust me, the stuff depicted so far doesn’t hold a candle to the later volumes. Chika becomes really cute, too!

“I eat once a day and only get 5-6 hours of sleep. Also IRL Work sucks (mandatory overtime every other weekend). Can you blame me for being late? … don’t answer that.” – Daktyl

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 17


Uh, well, not much to say. Real life got in the way, causing the release of this chapter to be delayed considerably. Apart from drudging through our mundane lives, nothing much has happened. I guess this is what happens when you grow up – you become boring! Boring, I say! Routine! Predictable! Poor! Yeah, that’s right, you heard me! Not due to my lack of motivation or constant procrastination, no siree!

Anything you want to say, Daktyl?

“Life’s a bitch.” – Daktyl

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 16


Welp, I actually managed to do something exciting this past week. Apparently, virtual reality has developed to a point where you can enact a zombie apocalypse within the space of a warehouse. Suffice to say, I participated and failed miserably. When your team is an elite group of soldiers sent to retrieve an antidote, your primary goal is securing the objective and getting out safely, not fucking Ramboing everything in sight because you feel that your testosterone levels need to be higher than the guy next to you!

Anyway, it was fun. There are probably other places which have it, so check them out! Also, if one of your teammates is acting like a dick, kick his balls — that’ll get the testosterone pumping.

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 15


We have a problem: We’re releasing too quickly. It’s causing us to run out of ideas on what to say in our release posts. I mean, it’s not like we lead exciting lives or anything like that. The most exciting thing I’ve done recently is playing BattleBlock Theater with Daktyl. Seriously, that’s it.

Again, we’re looking for more and more ideas on what Light Novel series you want translated. We’re currently compiling a shortlist, so let us know in the comments below. Oh, and if you ever find out what happened to the languini, be sure to let Kitashiro-san know!

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 14


Hooray for more SSS! We’re BLAZING through this volume, relatively speaking. Speaking of relatives, my grandmother is coming down soon. Unfortunately, all she says is an incoherent babble that has no relation whatsoever to the previous topic at hand. She likes to drift off, you know? That’s what old people like to do.

Anyway, Orinjido is thinking about stepping into the realm of light novels. For those who don’t know what they are, light novels are basically the text version of manga. They explore pretty much the same themes, include the occasional illustration, and some series even have adaptations in both mediums. Having said that, we have ideas on what series we’d like to work on, but if there are any series you’d like to suggest to us, feel free to leave a comment. Make sure they’re not being translated by other people first!

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Super Sadistic Sisters Chapter 13


Here’s the first chapter of SSS in a while~~
The chapters following this one are so hot… you’ll be cursing chika though. No spoilers beyond that!

We’re still debating what to do about that second Teiri Omake that a reader pointed out to us (it wasn’t in the tank we got) since the only raws we can find have it in Chinese (the original Japanese version was removed). We’ll most likely do it, but no promises!
Anyway, enjoy!!

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Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri Omake: Ta Mathemata


This is the last chapter ever of Teiri! It’s been a longer ride than I’d have hoped… but props to everybody that suffered through the wait 😀
Special props to people like krachek and Dordz (the TLer and QCer of Teiri respectively… Dordz being the original founder of Orinjido :D) for their amazing work!

Stay tuned for further releases. There may or may not be a couple Super Sadistic Sisters chapters coming… 😉

Note from the translator:
We have become aware of another chapter we have yet to translate. Unfortunately, it was a web-only release, and the company no longer hosts it on their site. In other words, we can no longer obtain the raws for it by ourselves.
However, if there’s someone out there who possesses the Japanese version of it, link/send it to us. The absolute last resort is translating it from the Chinese edition (which I can do), but I’d like to avoid doing that at all costs.

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Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri Chapter 10!


Kinda. There’s an omake-ish chapter after this that’ll technically be 10.5 (and is totally worth reading btw) that we’ll release soon. It’s already been translated 😉

We’ve also started getting ready to release more Super Sadistic Sisters as well. Hope you guys are pumped!

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Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri Chapter 9


We’re nearing the end of this series. The next chapter is the final chapter, with an epilogue of sorts to follow. Those chapters are practically done already, so expect them to be out soon*.

On an unrelated note, I have revived an old blog of mine called Krachek Translations ( This blog is mainly for cross-posting stuff from Orinjido as well as for requests/commissions. It is not affiliated with Orinjido releases.

*Estimated time varies from reader to reader

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Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri Chapter 8


I told you we’d release SOMETHING this year! This series just gets better and better…
I can’t say too much other than “Just wait until the next few chapters”.

A little information: We got raws for the entire volume. There’s only one volume of the series and only a couple chapters left in the volume, though the chapters are pretty short ones after this. We’ll try to finish the volume within the next couple years ^.^

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